Japanese Cosmo Facelift

Two-day face-sculpting massage course with Nikke Ariff

Japanese Cosmo Face Lift

Japanese Cosmo Facelift is a non-invasive face sculpting massage designed to improve circulation and nutritive supply to the regenerative layers of the skin whilst firming the muscle tone of the face.

This website is for the professional therapist wanting to train with me, Nikke Ariff, in Japanese Cosmo Facelift (Click here for Courses) and for individuals looking to experience this amazing facial treatment (Click here for Contact details). My practice is based in Central London but I teach around the UK and in Dublin, Ireland.

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Using only my hands and aromatherapy oils, this face-sculpting massage will literally lift years off your face. The relaxing and re-balancing effects of this facial will also be reflected in the rest of your body and general sense of wellbeing.

The techniques taught on the two-day courses are drawn from traditional Oriental medicine using reflex points on the face related to the Meridians, a South American facial map and Japanese face-sculpting techniques, all of which are combined with stimulation of the lymphatic system.

In module 2 of the Japanese Cosmo lifting course students will learn techniques comprised of several different methods. You will learn to combine points on the face related to the meridians from Oriental medicine, reflex points from the Vietnamese method and others. These will be aimed to stimulate and treat skin conditions such as dry, oily, combination skin issues, as well as skin problems such as a lack of muscle tone, collagen deficiency, sagging skin, spots, rosacea, sun damage etc.

We will also cover techniques that directly impact on the muscles, tissues, organs and other structures of the body.

Additionally, we’ll be learning about a fantastic muscle technique especially for the eyes – it opens the eyes by increasing blood circulation and acts as a support for the maintenance of improved eye health and eyesight.

An intensive course of treatments is recommended followed by monthly maintenance.

Training is aimed at beauty professionals, massage and complementary therapists as a stand-alone treatment or valuable adjunct that can be incorporated into your existing beauty and therapeutic skills-set.

Tutor & therapist: Nikke Ariff BSc NutriMed

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I trained as a holistic therapist over 13 years ago. My practice, Mind Body Positive reflects my holistic philosophy for achieving optimum health. I have a degree in Nutritional Medicine and practice Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the Bowen Technique and specialise in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ which I have taught the past eight years in the UK and Ireland.

I also practice a range of traditional, non-invasive facial treatments from around the world – visit: www.NaturalFaceMassage.com

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